Elbony Riggins

The Intuitive Passion Pathfinder

I am the Intuitive Passion Pathfinder.  I inspire women to make powerful choices that lead to a life of passion, courage and to create a relationship where they feel heard, cherished and supported by their partner.

My journey to discovering my own voice in my relationship wasn’t an easy one.  At a very young age, I became a wife and mother to five children while working a fulltime job and attending college.  While on this journey, I found myself struggling to live out my dreams and make time for myself.  I had no social life and felt totally disconnected from the world, which led to me falling into depression.

I’d begun experiencing some challenges in my marriage that made me feel inadequate and shameful.  While my husband had his social life, I was always at home with children.  Issues with our extended family added to the stress I was under and I felt like I wasn’t getting the support I needed within my relationship.  I kept my struggles hidden and felt like I was dying a slow death inside.

I knew that things had to change and that it was only a choice that I had to make, but wanting to fit into the ideal of a “good wife”, I felt like I needed my husband’s approval.   So I struggled to make my marriage and my life work, giving up opportunities to grow and do life on my terms.

I had dreams of road trips with the family, a solid marriage built upon faith and starting small groups to help women overcome challenges in their lives, but I didn’t have the courage to follow through on any of it because deep down I didn’t feel I deserved it.

One day I decided I’d had enough, I was ready to take back my life.  I had cried way too long and I was sick of myself.  I knew things had to change.  I began to challenge myself and ask questions about what I really wanted for my life and what were the things I really needed to change.  I first realized that I had to accept my past experience and be willing to forgive in order to fully heal and find my freedom.  During this process, I was able to see a major change in my life.  I was no longer focused on my problems, but rather focused on the solution.  My transformation led to a transformation in my marriage.

I finally gained support from my husband in the ways I most needed it.  I now bring the process and tools I used to take my life from depression and fear to freedom and connection to help women like you who dream of a strong marriage as well as living a life that is fully expressed–one where you feel supported, cherished and allowed to be you.